CRM verktyget som lyfter ditt team. engagerar dina medarbetare. som utvecklar ditt företag.

CRM verktyget som lyfter ditt företag

100% flexibility and scalable depending on your needs. This is the beginning of your company's success story. Let's do it together!

CRM system - Notyfile

Let´s simplify

Let´s simplify

Honestly - what is the point with having a bunch of complicated functions? We have created a user friendly CRMOur vision has always been to create the smoothest and easiest tool for users - and therefore the prerequisites for better and simpler deals. You pick and choose which modules you have a need for.

Top of the class.

Notyfile fits all operations - No matter the branch. You could say that we in that way is a general tool that fits small solo companies just as well as big organisations. At the same time our CRM solution is adaptable for your needs in several branches.


The retail industry is a quickly growing branch where sales happen at a fast rate. Here we've contributed with a slew of adaptations which has made us market leaders as a CRM provider.


We have seen that companies that helps other companies with IT needs a good CRM and support management. More often many users work with same clients and then they need to, in a smart way share information and get notified if somethings new happened. Let us show how we solve this for the IT industry.


We have noticed that consulting, errands, projects etc. are important parts for the recruiting industry. We have created smart functions and modules for this and are constantly expanding on it. 

Let us flip old truths.

The growth and development has gone stagnant in our comfortable branch. We want to change this. Our goal is to modernize the CRM business.

There is no such thing as timeless when it comes to CRM. This is why we actively work on improving our product - but also to change the view of what a CRM could/should be.

Shortcut to success

Whose time is not valuable? We want to minimize the work burden for our users. If you can effectivize boring and time-consuming processes, why not do it? That is why automation is the A in our DNA. Comfort should not be a luxury with us.

Let's have a look at our main functions in the platform here..

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Let us present some of our chosen parts in our platform

CRM / Prospect

From the first contact with your potential customer you have to know what was said and what stege of the negotiation you are at. This is the start of a journey towards a long relationship with your customer.


Existing customers requires a lot. The Contract part of Notyfile gives your company a full overview of the customer. History, activities, documents, reminders, overview etc. Best control wins!


Notyfile is built on strong partners that all has the same goal. We will help companies reduce administration, increase time and raise profits. Together with our partners we have created a market leading platform.


With fully integrated e-sign solution with Scrive, the entire flow is supplemented. Send out contracts, documents, authority, price lists etc. and get a sign in an instant. Your customer just needs to pick up the phone, read and press sign.

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