Contract Management

Control over your and your customers contracts


Contract Management -
Get a view of all your contracts!

Notyfile Contract Management is not an archive where you upload your contracts. It is a web-based and user friendly portal where you can create contracts, get notifications, upload documents, add activities, calculations and more. It is directly connected with the CRM part. Choose yourself if you want to use both or only one of them seperately.

Our digital system is adapted by how you want your process to look like. It collects all contracts on one single platform. This leads to paper-free contract management. By collecting all your ccontracts in Notyfile's contract management system you can see what status the contract has, when an e-signature was made or who should be reminded of a renegotiation.

The main theme in Notyfile is the user friendly nature and that all parts should feel simple. Contracts can end up feeling boring and gets a low priority but that is not the case with Notyfile. Watch the video on the right to get an overview of how Notyfile's contract management works.

Notyfile helps you get full control of contracts and commitments as well as improves the overview and effectivises administrative workflows.

Create contract

The first step is to create a contract. Within 1 minute you've created the first contract.

Here you have the opportunity to create your own contract types depending on what your company sells for services or products.


When a contract passes the date for renegotiation a notification is automatically sent out in the form of an e-mail.

When this mail arrives in the inbox it's time to contact your customer or supplier for renetotiation.


When a renegotiation is made the contract automatically relocates itself on the right spot on the list and lays dormant until the next renegotiation.

This way you do not have to keep track of your customers/contrators!