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Create campaigns with your
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Finding new customers is not an easy task but here is the solution! The function "Create Calling Lists" gives you the opportunity to search and create a list with your favorite prospects.

You can search for e.g. a certain branch, companies, a specific county or the size of a company. When you've created your list you'll immediately get a customer card with all the information.

The next step is to work with your new prospect in the prospect view where you with the drag and drop function successively close in on the deal-phase and lastly the customer will sign! kund!


To be able to create your list with a lot of exciting companies your first step will be the selection process.

Use our intuitive selection tool in Notyfile to quickly and easily filter hits. When you're satisfied and gotten the right amount of companies you desire you name the list and hit "Create".

Create Calling Lists

When you've created your Calling List it'll appear on the frontpage where all your Calling Lists are listed. Here you'll get an overview over all your lists with status and if it can be shared with a colleague.

Click on the Calling List you created and all the companies will be shown on a chart.


Click on a company in the chart and a "Customer card" will be shown. Here you will find all the information about the company such as address, contact number revenue etc.

Notyfile is unique in the way that you will also get phone numbers including operator as well as vehicle data for every company. All this is shown in an overview where you can quickly all companies and follow up with status as well as comments.