Create - send - done!

E-Signature - Safe, fast and automated

Together with Scrive, we have created a necessary complement to our portal. A secure, stable and fast supplier of e-signatures used by the largest companies in the Nordic countries, among others. Telia, Avis and Tesla. With fully integrated e-signing via Scrive, the entire flow is supplemented. From first contact with customer to last. Send out contracts, documents, authorizations, price lists etc. and get a sign in an instant. Your customer just needs to pick up the phone, read and press “Sign”. Choose whether the recipient should sign traditionally or with mobile BankID. The one who sends the document can follow the process in real time if, for example, the recipient has watched or signed. This is shown as a timeline!

For a good overview you have a comprehensive view of all signing processes. Reach this view via shortcuts. There is a button for express signing where you can send a document for signing in 3 steps.

Create E-signature

The first step is to upload a PDF. Either via one of our ready-made templates such as our proposal function or contracts.Alternatively that you have created a PDF and upload it from your computer.

Send document

After you specify a recipient, the document is sent to the specified recipient.

Here you can add more recipients. It may be that if you send a contract to a company, several company signers must sign.


The document is sent via E-mail, mobile or E-mail and mobile. It comes in the form of a message that tells there is a document to sign. The message contains a link that the recipient presses to reach the document.

After the recipient opens the document and reads, he or she can sign.

It is possible to have the recipient sign with BankID.