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Yes, Notyfile is responsive for all formats.
Yes, if you for example want to switch to Notyfile we'll help you move over existing data.
A good CRM system helps you and leaves you with more time. It enables you to work more effectively and you can manage deals and errands at the same time!


YOu can always upgrade or downgrade. Send a mail to support@notyfile.se and we'll fix it for you!
You can create your own templates. When a user is sending a document they can with 1 button press get it fully filled and ready to be sent via e-mail or e-sign.
Our dashboard is real sharp and clear. Here you can view won deals, orders, activities etc. Read more here.


Notyfile är GDPR anpassat och står upp mot de krav som finns. Läs mer here.
We use GCP (Google Cloud Platform) for storage and server space. All your data is stored safe and sound. We make backups daily to secure your data.
The platform is role controlled on a user level. The standard setup is that only admin users can export data from the account.

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