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med skräddarsydda moduler.

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Rethink CRM

Choose yourself - There's nothing more flexible!
Choose which moduls that best fit your company.

Focus on the user.

You choose how your CRM should function. Add, scale or remove. Our smart sales tool helps your company find new customers, keep existing relationships and effectivize communication with your customers and partners. Vi hjälper dig även med strategi och val av rätt lösning för att nå dina affärsmål.

Individual company, limited company, lone, or large organization? Whether you run a company solo or if the ambition is to take over the world, you are in good hands.

Our modules

Contract Management

Existing customers require care. The contract management in Notyfile gives your company full control over everything that concerns the customer. History, activities, document reminders, overview etc.

Notyfile contract management is directly linked to the prospect part (CRM). When you close a deal in a prospect, this is then moved to the contract section and becomes an agreement automatically. Simple, smooth and automatic.

Sales Pipe

The most user friendly CRM system that exists today. This is created by sellers for sellers. When it comes to prospect tools, it's the details that count. We have succeeded in this. Notyfile CRM is simple, fast and logical. You as a user only see what is most relevant in the view you are in. 

If you want, there is an option for e-signatures (Scrive) and to create Calling Lists.

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Order management

This feature is used when a user wants to place orders internally. All orders created are collected in customer cards. The user or users who handle orders receive an Order view (overview) where all the company's orders are collected and can easily receive, edit, change status etc. A clear overview!

It is possible to use this as a support function for example support or complaints.


With fully integrated e-signature via Scrive the entire flow is supplemented. From first contact with customer to the last. Send out deals, documents, authority, price lists etc. and get signed in an instant.

Your customer only needs to pick up the phone, read and press “Sign”. Win-win.

You constantly follow the flow in real time. The moment your customer opens the document, you see this in Notyfile.


Finding new customers is not easy and is usually time consuming. The “Create Calling List” feature allows you to search and create a list of your favorite prospects. 

You can search for ex. a specific industry, company a specific municipality or specify the size of companies. When you have created your list, you immediately get a customer picture with all information. Start calling from day 1!


A sales oriented company's dream. Our sales board provides you with: 

  • An overview of the entire company and all salespeople
  • Individual view of all statistics on a user-level basis
  • Dashboard TV with leaderboards and in the next version a gamified view
  • Reporting tools for sales and meetings


Quickly create proposals using your templates that you can create directly in the platform.

Everything happens with just a few clicks and your created templates become available for the entire organization. You can use this feature to create other types of templates such as contract templates.

With the drag and drop function you can insert text, upload and insert pictures and article tables. Everything needed to make your proposals professional!


Skapa och följ projekt tillammans med dina medarbetare

  • Skapa projekt internt eller koppla med kund.
  • Bjud in medarbetare och jobba dynamiskt i samma projekt.
  • Skapa projektdelar och uppgifter i projektdelar så ni får en överskådlig bild av vad som gjorts och vad som ska göras.
  • Tidrapportera
  • Följ progress och förlopp i dashboard.

Marketing Automation

Kommunicera sömlöst direkt från ditt CRM!

  • Skapa personaliserade kampanj
  • Trigga mailutskick baserat på kundbeteenden
  • Analysera dina utskick genom mätverktyg och statistik