Control with the right key figures and sell more!

Overview in a neat and clear way.

In the Notyfile dashboard you can measure everything from booked meetings, number of products sold, which user has the highest profit margin, etc. Applying this data in a gamified view causes the sellers to chase each other.

Keeping track of numbers and statistics can mean major differences in how results are achieved. We want to make statistics fun, engaging and clear.

Would you like to measure support cases, see flows or follow incoming real-time issues instead? 

Anything is possible!

Overview - sales, prospects and activities

In the overview view all users are gathered and as the name reveals you get an overview of these. Here you will see overall statistics and activities to quickly see how, for example, all salespeople are doing.

Here you can see at an individual level sales value, salespipe month, salespipe quarter and activities month.

All statistics

When it is time to look at how an individual performs, individual view is relevant. Here you can view all data at an individual level. You can see, for example, see sales 12 months back, proposals, booked meetings, orders and closed deals. 

All activities are also shown in a map view to find out where in the country an individual is focusing. For an admin role there are reporting tools where you can create report on all sales or booked meetings.

Sales TV and
Gamified Dashboard

Här har du en vy som passar perfekt för TV på kontoret där ni vill visa topplistor, säljtävlingar m.m. Med en dynamisk vy över exempelvis topplistor för försäljning, aktivitet eller säljtävling kan du hålla koll på hur alla delar av bolaget ligger till. Peppa varandra och håll igång tävlingspulsen på ett hälsosamt sätt!