About Notyfile

Meet the team behind Notyfile

"Throughout the years working with sales and service the strongest insights that are the foundation for the creation of the platform:

Many companies spend enormous resources bringing in new customers. Notyfile simplifies keeping track of all existing contracts and when it's time to renegotiate.

A successful salesperson works with many prospects in different phases, from first contact to contract signing. In order to keep track of everything in the sales pipe it's important with a CRM that, above all, is SIMPLE to work with. Notyfile is a CRM by SELLERS - FOR SELLERS"

Joakim Malmgren, CEO

Kevin Bengtsson


Kevin is a genuine Gothenburger and likes to play with Instagram.

Tobias Hjalmarsson


Tobias can run for several days in the hunt for customers without breaking a sweat.

Joakim Hansebo

Strategic Sales

 Experience weighs the most according to himself. A master in meeting with people.

Joakim Malmgren


Joakim thought that other CRM systems had flaws and said: "I want to make a better CRM" and so he made a better CRM and saw that it was good.

Jack Yacoub

Senior developer

Jack is a literal wizard that can build platforms and eat chilis like it's candy.

Emil Saxlund


Emilp can build a new function with his feet tied behind his back without issue.


Customer success manager / support

Josefine keeps track of customers while they learn to walk!

Mathias Leth

Graphic Designer

The person in charge of Notyfiles visual identity so complain to him when the Notybot is being rude.

We can be found here!


Nygatan 16B, 70211


Blockgatan 14, 65002


Johannefredgsgatan 4, 43153