Order management

A complete overview of your orders and errands


Order Management - Create and manage orders

Effektivisera ditt företags order management och förenkla ditt arbete. Med vårt orderhanteringssystem får du full koll på verksamheten och dina affärer. Sälj snabbare och smartare med vårt fullt anpassningsbara orderhanteringssystem.  

This feature is used when a user wants to place orders internally. All orders created are collected on customer cards. On customer cards, sellers can follow their own orders and view status.

The user (s) who handles orders receive an Order view where all the company's orders are collected and can easily receive, edit, change status etc. A clear overview!

There is a possibility to use this as a support function for support cases and to link to a chain account if there is a central chain that handles orders.


Start by creating your order. Choose the company and order type and then fill in the necessary information.

Our order types are customized based on what you sell. When your order is ready, the next step is to send an order.


The person (s) receiving orders receive a new order at the same time as users press send.

What saves time here is that everyone in the organization works in the same place. If a back office role handles orders, ex. the seller sees it immediately.

All done

The final step is that your order will be marked as completed. The user who created the order will be notified automatically.

This has been an overall explanation of how Notyfile Order Management works.