Sales Pipe

Leads, Salespipe, Book meetings etc.

This is the foundation of your entire business process. From the first contact with your customer to analysis and sales. The most user-friendly CRM tool available today. This is created by sellers for sellers.
Notyfile CRM är enkelt, snabbt och logiskt. Du som användare ser bara det du som är mest relevant i den vy du är i. Du kan skapa ringlistor, skicka contracts. etc. with e-signature and get a clear overview of what you have in the pipe.

When it comes to prospect tools, it is the details that count. The foundation of Notyfile is that you should only see what is relevant to you as a user based on your role. Of course, there is 2-way integration with Outlook so you are 100% connected and accessible.

The activities view is linked to all parts of Notyfile. Create an activity and be reminded when it is time to contact the customer or perform a task.

Create Prospect

The first step in Notyfile is the first step in the process of your potentially profitable customer. Step 1 is to create customer and prospect. This takes about 60 seconds and you fill in the information you know.

You can create prospect in 2 ways. If you know which company you want to contact, for example from a network or leads from your website, you can easily create a prospect. Another option is to use our create Calling List function. Read more about it here:

CRM - Phase 1-6

After you have created your prospect or Calling List, the customer (s) will land in the overview view for all prospects. Here you keep track of what phase you are in with each customer.

You usually start in phase 1 called "Not Contacted". With the drag and drop function you can easily move your prospect to the next phase. If you send out a proposal, you can move the prospect directly to phase 5 called “Proposal”. Here you can also follow the value and have it summed up in each phase.

Close the deal

The last step in the prospect view will be to close the deal. There are 2 choices: Won deal or Lost deal. All lost deals are saved with a comment and a reason. A won deal is registered with value towards the Dashboard and becomes a contract automatically.

This means that all customers that you sold to keep the contract part of Notyfile in check for you. If the customer is to be contacted for renegotiation or on an ongoing contracts, feedback may be needed to the customer at the specified date range.